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Updated: Jun My name is Theoatrixand welcome to my complete level 1 — 99 Slayer Guide.


Slayer is a skill that is trained by killing monsters that are assigned as tasks from va rious Slayer Masters. Leveling it up unlocks monsters that you cannot normally deal damage to. This guide will take you through all of the basics and knowledge of Slayer, as well as tips, items and mechanics that you will need to know in order to train effectively.

I will be going over 5 main training styles of Slayer. If you miss anything, or need to freshen up your knowledge on something more specific, just scroll and find the heading that you need. How Slayer Works. Training your Slayer level is a great skill for your account for a number of reasons.

On your way to level 99 Slayer, you will get or be very close to level 99 in a lot of the Combat Stats. Also, you can take advantage of the massive damage and accuracy boost of the Slayer Mask, which gives higher XP rates than attacking normal monsters.

Speaking to one of the 8 Slayer Masters will assign you with a number of a certain monster to kill. This is called a Slayer Taskand you can only have one Slayer Task at a time. Upon getting your first Slayer task, you will receive an Enchanted Gemwhich allows you to check your current Slayer Task, as well as how many you have to kill.

Each Slayer Master in Old School Runescape assigns monsters from their own task list, and high level Masters give harder and longer tasks. Some Slayer Monsters require items and gear in order to be able to kill them. For example, Killerwatts — you need to be wearing Insulated Boots. These items can all be bought from any Slayer Master. Upon killing a monster on your Slayer Task, you receive Slayer XP equivalent to the total number pf Hitpoints that the monster has.

So, this means that you will need to deal around 13 damage points to your Slayer Task monsters to get level 99 Slayer.

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By right clicking any Slayer Master, you can view the available Slayer rewards, and these range from new tasks unlocks to item unlocks, and Slayer perks. But, I will talk a lot more about these further into the article.

Slayer Masters. There are currently 8 Slayer Masters. Two of them have no Slayer, or Combat level requirementswhile the rest gradually move their way up in Combat requirements.

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Each Slayer Master has its own benefits and reasons for choosing to get tasks from them. These are the most important things you need to know about the masters. Turael can be used to replace another harder Slayer Task at the expense of resetting your Slayer Task streak. Krystilia assigns Slayer Tasks that can only be completed within the Wilderness, and her tasks have a separate task streak to regular Slayer.

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Despite the fact that she has no requirements, she assigns very difficult tasks. So, even as a level 3, you could get something really hard like Black Dragons. Mazchna is a good option for low level players, since he will mostly assign Slayer Tasks in the Morytania Slayer Tower or close by to him. The guy you first meet on Tutorial Island, Vannakafills the gap between 40 and 70 Combat.

There is Chaedlar. With level 70 Combat, this is the first Master that gives a good amount of Slayer Points per task. There is the newly introduced Konarassigning Slayer Tasks at a specific locationwith a twist of dropping keys to the Brimstone Chest that has a range of rewards useful for Ironmen.

Nieveor Steve if you have done Monkey Madness 2, assigns high level tasks, and is one of the only 3 Slayer Masters that can assign Boss tasks. Useful Quests and Unlocks. Slayer itself can be started at any Combat level and has no requirements to startapart from being a Member.

Leveling the skill up is a great way to train at any Combat level.Discussion in ' Guides ' started by The SweatshopJun 8, Log in or Sign up. Tags: alts barraging bursting chinning guide mm2 mmii osrs shuffle. Introduction Since the release of mmII the meta has shifted from chinning in the mm1 tunnels to the vastly superior mm2 location. This spreadsheet is the basis for all dps and accuracy calculations found in this guide.

It's also the basis that was used to make the Chinning and Magic calculators. Bitterkoekje on Twitter Under constr MMII Chinning calc: Derived from bitterkoekje his dps calculator, this calculator will accurately calculate the supply costs, exp per hour, cost per hour and supplies necessary for chinning Under Constr-MMII chinning calc Under constr MMII Chinning calc: Under constr -MMII magic calc Derived from bitterkoekje his dps calculator, this calculator will accurately calculate the supply costs, exp per hour, cost per hour and supplies necessary for bursting and barraging OSRS best in slot.

Video explaining the concept more detailed: My personal preferred location is slightly different from the location more commonly used. I've noticed that if you use the spot a couple of square east a "rouge" monkey will sometimes block all the monkeys coming in from the west and thus messing with your xp rates if you are not paying attention.

This concludes part I from my mm2 maging and chinning guide. The SweatshopJun 8, IGotOwnedJun 29, XxwyattJul 4, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Adblock breaks this site. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?To train Slayer efficiently, it is recommended that you begin after reaching combat, with reasonable gear. Unless you are making cannonballs yourself, most of the time you won't be using a dwarf multicannon but rather using only melee or magic.

This makes certain tasks such as suqahs and kalphites unless killing the Kalphite Queen almost blockworthy, as they have no notable drops and offer mediocre melee experience rates. Do tasks which give you a lot of useful resources, even if they don't offer the highest experience rates.

Aberrant spectreskurasks and nechryaels the ones in the Slayer Tower drop herbs and seeds very frequently, gargoyles drop coins and alchable items, blue dragons drop dragon bones for Prayer training. When using Slayer reward points, prioritise blocking and skipping poor tasks over unlocking perks and extensions.

Unlock superior slayer monstersthe slayer helmet and the ability to craft slayer rings first. If you are using Ranged often, consider unlocking Broader Fletching perk early on for the ability to fletch broad bolts.

Ring of wealth is a good choice for the ring slot before you have access to Fremennik rings, as it automatically collects coin drops from monsters. Hardcore Ironmen should wear a ring of life on tasks which they can easily die if they disconnect. Unless you want to get quicker Magic levels, use defensive casting when bursting tasks such as dust devilssince it gives more experience overall. If you are low on herb seedskill normal nechryaels with melee instead of bursting Greater Nechryael in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Before you can kill abyssal demons for the abyssal whiptrain only Strength after you have 75 Attack for Arclight and 70 Defence for Barrows equipment. Once you have obtained the abyssal whip, train on controlled until you have 99 Strength if you haven't alreadyand after that train Attack and Defence.

If you have a kraken tentacleuse the excess abyssal whips for an abyssal tentacle. Taking tasks from Krystilia is one of the more convenient methods to obtain mysterious emblems for a rune pouch and to boost Slayer points for unlocking perks and extensions. When doing Wilderness tasks, only risk easily replaceable equipment you are willing to lose, such as monk robes or dragonhide armour.

Abyssal Sire drops the unsiredwhich can be placed at the Font of Consumption and gives the player a reward in the process.

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The most notable rewards are the abyssal bludgeon pieces and the abyssal dagger. Cerberus drops the primordial, pegasian and eternal crystals, which are used to create best-in-slot boots in the game. Dagannoth Kings are killed for their unique drops notably the rings and the dragon axe. After completion of elite tasks in the Fremennik Diary, killing the boss trio also offers good Prayer experience from the noted dagannoth bones. Demonic gorillas drop the zenyte shard, which can be used to make the best-in-slot jewellery.

Demonic gorillas also drop good alchables and decent amount of high-level tree seeds. Lizardman shamans drop the dragon warhammer, which has one of the most useful special attacks in the game. On task, the player can kill lizardman shamans in the Lizardman Caves which is often way less crowded than the Lizardman Canyon. Kalphite Queen is killed for Herblore and Farming supplies, most notable being the wines of zamorak and potato cacti.

This is a list of monsters assigned by Duradel, along with the pros and cons of completing the task. This table aims to empower players in choosing their tasks based on the pros and cons of each task reflecting on drops, transport and access, combat area etc.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.The smoke devil is a mutated version of a dust devilfound at the Smoke Devil Dungeon. These require a minimum of 93 Slayer and an active Slayer task to be harmed. This monster, along with its boss variant and superior variantare the only monsters to drop the Occult necklace.

Given the fact that the smoke devil chamber is very large, bringing a cannon is recommended to get their attention. In addition to the drops above, this monster has access to the standard rare drop table.

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This article is about the Slayer monster. For the boss, see Thermonuclear smoke devil. However, for the superior variant, see Nuclear smoke devil. Contents [ show ].

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Adamant battleaxe. Mithril plateskirt. Fire battlestaff. Air battlestaff. Black d'hide vamb. Red d'hide body. Rune full helm. Rune chainbody. Rune 2h sword. Occult necklace.

Dragon chainbody. Grimy guam leaf.

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Grimy marrentill. Grimy tarromin. Grimy harralander.With the Dev Blogs updated on Jul. There will be a separate system task for this new Slayer Master, and some proposed rewards are also listed below.

This new Slayer Master will require level 75 Slayer and level Combat to access. Although they look fearsome, they are mostly peaceful. There will be a separate task system for TzHaar, allowing you to have a normal Slayer Task and a Boss Slayer task at the same time.

When the two tasks are related to the same NPC, boss tasks will be the priority. And you can get one free skip a day, but the Turael can't be used to skip tasks for TzHaar. When the tasks are active, both Slayer helm and gem will show status of both tasks. And you can also complete Gauntlet task. The rewards for completing TzHaar tasks have been proposed, including: 1. Search this site:. Directories Courses Discussion Groups.

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Take part in the event and try to find 6 hidden pictures to get the reward codes! Upload article.

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By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms. Recommend Us Follow.Slayer is worthwhile to train especially if you are interested in training your combat skills. Due to various bonuses afforded to players while training Slayer such as the bonus given by the Slayer helmet iit offers some of the best rates of melee combat experience in the game.

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It also is very efficient to train Slayer in overall terms across your account because players will get significant amounts of experience in other skills on the road to level 99 Slayer or million experienceresulting in less time wasted gaining extra combat experience which is not necessary since it could have been obtained through Slayer. Generally when slaying for best experience rates you will have a Slayer helmet i and make extensive use of the dwarf multicannon. Usually, you get tasks from the highest-level Slayer master that your Slayer level allows because the monsters they assign generally give more experience than lower-level Slayer masters.

However, in some cases, Nieve can give better Slayer tasks for experience and at a more frequent rate, but Duradel is sometimes better. Whatever players choose to spend their points on, they are strongly advised to keep enough points in reserve to cancel several tasks in a row, in case of multiple undesirable assignments being given. While some monsters can be found during a quest or in other locations, you still need to complete the respective quest in order to unlock them for slayer assignments.

With unlocking, you do not need a quest to access them. Instead, you pay with slayer points to get these monsters for your slayer assignment. Be aware that these task unlocks generally apply to high level Slayer Masters. If you decide to stop doing assignments which are toggleable, consider if you will do the task again.

If you will not do those tasks anymore, toggle the task off. This will essentially act as a "block", allowing you to block other undesired monsters if needed. Players can block specific tasks if they do not like the task for specific reasons. In order to block tasks, players must have 50 quest pointsalong with slayer points and be assigned the task that they wish to block.

There are 5 slots, so in order to use all of them, the player must have quest points. For toggled tasks like lizardmen, the player should simply cancel the toggle and the task itself, so that they cannot obtain the task anymore, which essentially acts as a block.

With slayer points, a block can be applied to Fossil Island Wyverns. While significantly more expensive than any task block in-game, the player has the ability to freely toggle on and off this block as they desire.

The only recommended killing perk to obtain is Gargoyle Smasher. High levelled Slayer masters will assign Gargoyles quite frequently, and players will save a large amount of time by automatically smashing Gargoyles whenever they reach 9 hitpoints or lower, and automatically smashes Dawn and Dusk when they reach 0 hitpoints.

Some tasks can be extended for Slayer points, which will greatly increase the number that you can be assigned if they give you that creature for a task.

Only extend tasks that you generally do; it is a waste of points if you extend a task that you skip frequently or do not like. Superior monsters are stronger than their normal counterparts, typically having a higher max hit and new mechanics, but give a lot of Slayer experience upon death.

In addition, superior slayer monsters have a low drop chance to drop an Eternal gemor an Imbued Heart both of which sell for a reasonable price, making this perk extremely valuable. Activating this perk is optional, but recommended since you can toggle it off without penalty if you do not want to fight superior monsters.

Slayer training/Ironman

Sometimes, slayer masters can assign you a task where you may be asked to kill monsters that you may have extreme difficulty fighting.My name is Theoatrixand welcome to my complete level 1 — 99 Ranged Guide.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about training your Range level in Runescape. I will go through the Queststhe Gearthe Itemsand some low level training areas.

Then, I will talk about some higher level training areas, as well as the fastest way to get to level Towards the end of this article, I will also talk about the Bosses that you can fight with Ranged, which I think is a pretty cool addition to this article.

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If you learn anything or enjoy the article, be sure to leave a like, and subscribe if you are new. Your Ranged Level. Starting off with how Ranged works…Ranged is one of the most powerful combat styles in Old School Runescape. Getting your ranged level up increases both your max hit with ranged, and your accuracy.

Your Ranged Attack Bonus. Your ranged attack bonus usually comes from your weapon and armour. That bonus increases solely your accuracy. Your Ranged Strength Bonus. Your ranged strength bonus comes from arrows and some weapons and gear as well.

This bonus will solely increase your Max Hit.

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At higher ranged levelsyou gain access to some of the highest tier of weaponryarmourand ammo in the game, which have very high bonuses.

The Twisted Bow. A bow unlocked at level 75the Twisted Bowscales to your enemies Magic levelmaking it one of the most powerful weapons against a lot of the Bosses in Old School Runescape. Also, there is the Ballistawhich were not in Runescape back in the day, but can now be used to fire Javelins. The heavy Ballista hits some of the highest damage hits in the game.

Combat Styles. With pretty much all Ranged weapons that you use, you use, you have access to three different combat styles — accurate, rapid, or long-range. Accurate and long-range shoot at the same rate of fire, but rapid fire shoots 1 tick faster than accurate and long-range.

Once you go above and beyond level 10 ranged, you should always be using rapid for the maximum damage per second and XP rates. Best Training Weapons. Now I would like to go over some of the Ranged Gear. If you would like to see everything you unlock when you are training range, you can click on the Ranged icon in your skills taband it tells you every weaponarmourand ammo that you can use.

Now, all of these weapons give an attack bonusand then pairing them with ammunition adds the strength bonus. You will notice that some of these weapons cannot fire high level arrows or high level bolts. The Dorgeshuun Crossbow. The Bone Crossbow is a great way to train your ranged for a really low cost, since Bone Bolts are around 3 coins each. I have included the Cannon on this list as well. I am going to talk a lot more about that further in this article, and using a cannon is actually the fastest way to level your Ranged at low levels.

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